Car Shipping

Car Shipping

We provide a comprehensive specialist service of shipping individual cars and light vans worldwide in to the UK and from the UK to Asia,Australia and New Zealand. The services available include car/van collection and delivery to the appropriate port, car/van cleaning and preparation, drive on Roll on Roll off Ship (RO RO) or container loading with the provision of a purpose made frame for the vehicle to load into the container (with the option of additional items if a “sole use” container is booked) along with full completion of all vehicle and customs documentation and final arrangements at the destination.


The shipping options available for this service include from the UK are as follows:

1. Ocean Going Roll on Role off (RO RO) Ships where the car/van is driven on/off, protected from the elements, and strapped in to position and secured for the voyage. This means of shipping from the UK is restricted and only available at a few ports in the UK.

2. The provision of a “Sole Use” 20’ or 40’FCL Container to store the car or van in a purpose build frame which facilitates the loading in the container. The customer could make use of any additional space for other items if required.

3. The provision of a shared 20’ or 40’FCL container to store the car or van in a purpose build frame which facilitates the loading in the container . The customer would only be charged for the space taken up by their freight.


All these services call at selected ports in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, for the Roll on Roll off (RO RO) Services this option is limited to only a few ports, however there is more flexibility on the final port destination with the use of a container.


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Car Shipping to Australia


There is frequent Container Services to the following ports Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide which we are able to offer whether a “shared use” or “sole user” Container option is chosen. Further ports are available but only with a “sole use” container option.

If the option chosen is the Ocean Going Roll on Roll off Car ferry service then the number of ports these type of vessels call into is reduced, these vessels normally take longer journey times over the use of container services but there are cost advantages in using this type of service over a container.


The motor vehicle (car/van) to be shipped the owner must prior to arrangements being completed obtain a “Vehicle Import Approval Permit”. This permit will not be available to the owner unless they can show 12 months of consecutive use and ownership of the vehicle. The need to prove ownership length of time does not apply to vehicles over 15 years old.

The Authority to obtain the Import Permit is as follows:
Vehicle Safety Standards
Tel: 0061262747506
Fax: 0061262746013


Rates of duty
The rates of duty will vary depending on the age of manufacture and type of vehicle, if the vehicle had already been exported from Australia then the regulations that apply would be different.

The Australian Customs provide a guide to the rates of duty which is available on their website called: “The Guide to The Importation of Privately Owned Motor Vehicles or Motor Cycles”


Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
As part of the service provided by us the vehicle would be washed and cleaned with a certificate provided to confirm this has been completed prior to the vehicle being loaded in to a container or driven on to Roll on Roll Off ferry service. The vehicle will be inspected on arrival in Australia by the Quarantine Inspection Service for more information visit :


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All the information provided is only a brief guide to the owner whose is responsible to ensure the vehicle meets the standards and regulations that apply along with all the relevant documentation being completed.

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