Pricing Structure

Pricing Structure

Outbound repatriation

We are one of the leading repatriation agents in the UK, with rates on all airlines to all destinations worldwide. We are recommended by many major airlines and we have a close working relationship with funeral directors across the UK.

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Inbound repatriation

Insurance companies will often appoint a repatriation agent to handle the arrangements when an insured person passes away overseas.
But what happens when they are not insured?

You will need to appoint a repatriation agent to take care of the arrangements into the UK. We have many years’ experience in arranging inbound repatriations from around the world. We have a network of overseas funeral directors and repatriation agents to cover all aspects of the repatriation process and bring your loved one home. Situated near London Heathrow airport, our office has a direct link to HM Customs, so that import formalities are taken care of quickly – day or night.