Airport Parking and Car Hire

Airport car parking

We will ensure that your traveller has each stage of the journey pre-arranged and integrated into the one itinerary, and we strive to reduce travel time thus reducing stress levels.
We work with a number of specialist airport car parking suppliers who provide valet and chauffeur parking. This service is available for all UK airports enabling travellers to drive to the airport departure terminal and hand over their car to a uniformed attendant who will park it at a secure off-airport location. On return, the car is made ready for collection at the arrivals terminal.

This will save your traveller at least an hour in transit time to and from airport car parks.
Costs are comparable to off-airport business parking rates, but include the significant benefit of the chauffeur service.

Car hire
We work in close partnership with the leading car rental firms, ensuring you benefit from our significant buying power and excellent working relationships in this very competitive sector of the corporate travel industry.



Your service team offer you:

  • Direct access to most major car rental companies’ global inventory
  • Access to real-time, preferred, discounted and negotiated rates
  • Access to more than 28,000 leading car supplier locations worldwide
  • Access to more than 20 million rates available worldwide
  • Real-time availability, car rental information, reservation confirmations direct from the car rental suppliers’ own central reservation systems
  • Corporate Membership packages with preferred suppliers tailored to your requirements, e.g fast collection service, no unexpected charges
  • The ability to modify or cancel previously booked cars
  • Car rentals booked in compliance with your Corporate Travel Policy